Bishop's Stortford Town Council

Tree survey for condition & management purposes


Bishop’s Stortford is an historic market town in the East of Hertfordshire, near to the boundary with Essex. It has a population of approximately 38,000 people. Thinktrees Ltd (formerly P.F.Melarange Arboricultural Consultancy Ltd) was commissioned to inspect all of the trees owned and managed by the Town Council for the purpose of tree risk management.



View across Sworders Field in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire



A full inventory was made, which included 1099 individual trees recorded across 22 sites, comprising predominantly areas of public open space, cemeteries, allotments and recreational areas. Several areas of woodland were also surveyed.


The tree data, which included details regarding their condition and management requirements, was recorded and stored using specialist tree management software ‘MyTrees’, a Geographical Information System (GIS). On completion of each survey, tree work schedules and tree location plans were produced to assist in the contract management phase of the project. The bespoke schedules and plans were designed to meet the specific requirements of the client. The layout and information included within them is intended to facilitate contractors in the process of tendering for and completing any necessary works.



Tree surveyor inspecting a decaying cavity

Tree expert testing a pine tree for decay using an Arbotom impulse tomography unit

A fine collection of specimen trees at the Old Cemetery in Bishop's Stortford
An impressive line of mature beech trees running the length of Cemetery Road in Bishop's Stortford



As with all tree risk management, the project is ongoing. Each tree has a re-inspection interval which is dependant upon it’s size, condition and target i.e. what would be harmed or damaged if it were to fail.


Thirty-seven ash trees (excluding those within woodlands) were recorded on land managed by the Town Council. The potential is great for these trees to be affected by ash die-back disease (Hymensocyphus fraxinea). Consequently, annual monitoring is scheduled to inform future management decisions.



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