Standon Parish Council, Herts

Tree Survey for Condition & Management Purposes


Thinktrees Ltd (formerly P.F.Melarange Arboricultural Consultancy Ltd) was commissioned by Standon Parish Council to survey all the trees located on the land under their control, and to produce a report in respect of the condition and management requirements of those trees.



Standon is a Hertfordshire village, standing alongside the river Rib, located on the A120 between Bishop’s Stortford and Buntingford. A total of 131 trees were inspected during the tree survey. The trees were mapped and details of their condition and any necessary management recommendations were recorded on a tablet computer using ‘MyTrees’ tree management software. Tree schedules and plans were then produced to provide the client with the tree data.


Very little tree work was required for health and safety reasons. The details of the works, which applied to the small number of trees that did require remedial action, were listed in a specific works schedule. A local contractor was provided with this schedule and the necessary works were carried out as required.



Public open space next to the river Rib in Standon, Herts
Tree surveyor recording tree attributes

Arborist using a Soilpick to carry out root collar excavation
Arborist using a Soilpick to carry out root collar excavation

Example of a tree location plan



Standon plan specific recommendations were also made concerning an avenue of lime trees, leading up to the community centre, that were planted to commemorate those lost during the war. In order to maintain the long-term health of the trees it was recommended that some improvement should be made to the rooting environment. De-compaction of the soil was carried out using an Airspade, root collar excavation was undertaken on several trees and a mulch of woodchip was applied to the soil surface around the base of all the trees. The vitality of the trees will be monitored to ensure that this important feature is preserved.



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